Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Thinking...

I think attitude has everything to do with how much we enjoy something.
I've always told people that I really don't enjoy study days at all. I always tell them that they're so long, and tedious.
I was thinking about it though... and I don't agree with me anymore.
I think sometimes we accidentally trick ourselves into believing that we don't like something.
Study days actually go quite quickly. It may not be my favourite thing to do, but I definitely don't hate it.
The same thing happens with food. People have preconceptions about how a certain food will taste and whether or not they will like it before they even try it! (Myself included)
Our preconceptions really rob us of life sometimes. We're scared or uncertain to try something new that we convince ourselves we don't like it. And then we end up never trying it. It's so dumb!
Misconceptions about certain denominations in the church are also very common. Paul in the bible tells us to test everything and keep the good. I think that that would especially relate to trying different churches and growing in your faith with God. If we're comfortable in our faith, then there's a problem. We should always be learning and be trying to grow closer in our relationship with Him.
How do you know you don't like a certain church if you've only been there one time? Anyways, I kinda have to go back and study, but that is my thought for the day.

Feel privileged to actually be able to study! To be fortunate enough to go to school. You're in like the top percentile of the world.

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