Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dancing is good for me. Especially in my room, listening to worship. It's freeing.

I feel the utmost freedom to go now. To Quebec I mean. For a time, nothing is holding me here. Liberty to experience something new. Maybe this newfound feeling - given from God no doubt - is why I'm finding such a reason to dance.


La danse, c'est bien pour moi. Surtout dans ma chambre en écoutant les chansons de louange. C'est un affranchissement.

Je me sens la liberté de partir maintenant. Je veux dire au Québec. Pour une saison, rien ne me retient ici. J'ai la liberté de faire un nouveau expérience. Ce dernier sentiment, que Dieu m'a donné sans doute, peutêtre est-il pourquoi je trouve une telle raison de danser.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

20 Days Till I leave for Quebec!

Don't ask me how the time has passed so quickly, because I don't have an answer for you.
But, while glancing at my calendar today, I realized that it is just under 3 weeks before I take off for Rollet, Québec - 7 hours north of here.

My feelings on this? Excitement, nervousness, anticipation?
One of my good friends and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago about my upcoming trip to Quebec. She's been living in Australia for the past year and a half attending the Hillsong school - So I felt like my situation resonated with her on a deeper level. We're both leaving home (albeit me for a shorter time), we're both leaving an amazing group of young adults that we've come to cherish, we're leaving the comfort of routine. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to stay right where I am. I could keep working during the week, keep hanging out with friends on the weekends. And it would be comfortable. It would be what I know. It would be simple.

But it wouldn't be what or where God has called me to.
What's easy is not always what is best.
So, I am ready for this next season in my life. I'm ready to learn, and explore, and meet new people. I'm ready to break free from routine.
Bring it on.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

The midnight hour.

It's always late at night when my mind whirls around like a spinning ride at the county fair. Thoughts rush in and around until I can't separate one from the other. Somehow I'm so much more pensive in the night. I need a wind-down time. A time for my mind to just work through all the thoughts.

I've tried coming home from a late night shift at Second Cup and hopping in my bed straight away. Might as well forget about it. I need time to slow down. To work through those thoughts that seem insignificant, because sometimes they're significant enough to keep me up for a few extra minutes.

So, I read a book, or look aimlessly at facebook pictures, or I pray, or read my bible, or I eat, or I just sit there on my bed with my bedside lamp on. And after a few minutes, I can shut the light off, close my eyes and drift off into a beautiful sleep.

Good night. Sleep well,


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Listening to: Haley

Needtobreathe has never failed to describe exactly the way that I feel. Still my favourite band? Oh yea.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The days are starting to blend together. One after the other.
These are just a few things I am LOVING about my wonderful summer vacation:

Yummy healthy trail mix
Peanutbutter and honey
No homework
Making cappuccinos
NCC young adults
Reading my french book, Plein Ciel
Wearing shorts and flip flops
Sitting out in the sun
Sleeping in
Preparing for the 1body event this SATURDAY!!! (Be there)

Life's pretty peachy...