Saturday, August 25, 2007


What is truth? I've figured out that you can know the meaning of truth without actually even knowing any real truth. There comes a time in everyone's life where they need to figure out what they believe. Not what their parents believe, not what they've been taught to believe, but what is real and true for them. I'm at that point in my life right now.

I'm not into fake. I'm not into make believe. I'm into real. I'm into truth. I'm into life. Sometimes life is always about hype. It's about getting our next high. Whether that be a high on Jesus, or on some other worldly thing, is not really the point. The point is that hype doesn't last. It feels good, but not for long.

I realized that I can't base my relationship with Christ on hype. Because although I know its real, and I know its true, I also know its hard to make it last. We go through life on spiritual highs and spiritual lows. And when we get to a low point in our lives its very hard to hold onto the hype that we had after a convention, or a conference, or some other youth event. But instead if we have real truth. The truth that comes from God, that comes from what you've experienced to be real through him, then with that truth you can get through anything.

There's so much crap in this world that everyone just automatically takes as real and as true, and I'm so tired of it because it doesn't help me, it doesn't make me feel satisfied. That's why I'm on a quest for truth. I figure I'll be on this quest for some time now, and it might not ever end. But when I know that there is real truth out there, and when I've experienced God I know that slowly I'll be able to find it.

I'm done settling for something that's not real.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

How do you describe it when you miss someone?
For me I'd describe it as a hole right in my heart. I want to fill it with that person or people that I miss, but all I have are memories. The better the memories, the harder it is.
I never knew what truly missing someone meant until this summer. Until I went to Germany.
You know what I heard today? I heard someone say that saying goodbye is hard because it makes the situation real. No longer is it just some distant thing that will eventually come, but its present. It's now. And all there is to do is accept that fact. To say goodbye.

But if there wasn't a Goodbye, there would never be a Hello either. If there weren't Hellos and Goodbyes would life even be life? I don't think so.

I'm doing alright. Life.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Nothing can compare to the way I feel in your presence.
Nothing is better than who you are and what you've done in my life.
I want to lift up my head and look straight into your eyes.
I want to reach out my arms and let you carry me.
I need to be renewed.
I need to hear your voice.
I need you to love me, I need you to be active and present in my life.
Help me. Help me to leave everything in your hands. Help me not to worry about tomorrow, knowing that your plan is better than mine.
Take me away. Take me away with you.
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Worthy to be praised.
Who was and Is, and Is to come.
I love you.