Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Secrets in general are a good thing, I suppose. For example if you're planning a surprise party for someone, then you should not go tell them that you are, because then it wouldn't be a surprise. lol Obviously.

Or another example would be telling your best friend who you like, or what you like, or how you feel. It's a secret between you and your best friend - and that secret makes you stronger in the end, because you learn to trust eachother, and also it's good because after all, it's not good to keep things bottled up inside you, you've got to tell at least one person.. right?
But sometimes I think secrets are misused.

Like when you're hanging out with a group of friends and all of the sudden two or three of the people in the group start quietly talking about something with eachother. In other words it's a secret they can't share with the other people in the group. In that case, the friends that don't know the secret feel left out. And I know from personal experience, being the odd one out is a horrible feeling.

Secrets are meant to be just that. Secrets. So don't talk about them when people that can't know are around. Talk about them in private... when everybody in the room knows what is being shared.

Sometimes I feel like the word secret is contradicting itself. Like when people flaunt that they've got a secret, but they won't share it with you? Why are they talking about it then, if they don't want anybody to know? Sometimes I wonder if they're doing that because they want you to know... but ... I'm not sure, that doesn't make sense.

Maybe I'm all wrong on this....

I just know that if there's a secret out there that you can't share.. then don't talk about it. Because It's a secret.

se.cret 'sE-kr&t' (adjective) 1. hidden, 2. closemouthed, 3. undercover,
lets try and keep it that way...
that's all

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm completely at a loss for words right now. I think its because I am extremely tired. I woke up this morning thinking that it was like 2 o'clock in the morning, I was just about to fall back asleep when I heard my mom walking around outside my door, and realized that it was indeed morning, and that I had few precious minutes left of sleeping time. It was a horrible feeling, and a horrible way to start the day. But the day turned out alright, in spite of me being tired

p.s. I found my agenda! Hooraa.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

When somebody hears the word "Christian" what comes to mind? In a secular culture, Christians sometimes have a bad wrap. We've been called Hyprocrites, Self-centred, Prideful, Judging. And you know what? I don't blame them for calling us that, because I think it's true.

So many times I've been guilty of treating people as though I think i'm better than them because they don't know Jesus, or they don't believe in Jesus, and then the next second I tell them that I'm in the worship band at my school, and that my daddy's a pastor. What's up with that?

Do we expect people to listen to us when we tell them about Jesus if they can see by how we act that we don't even believe what we're telling them?

We live like our Faith doesn't or shouldn't impact our everyday life. We go to church cuz we have to, we pray, while all the while thinking of other things, and we attend youth conferences but when they're done we go back to how we were before, as though nothing happened. Why then should people care, or be interested in Jesus if we don't even act like we care.

This same theme, [breaking free from routine] comes back to me again and again.

If, and I say If we really believe that Jesus died for us, and that we're spending eternity with him then why aren't we more excited!? Why do live like we do; disregarding the truth, not living out what we proclaim, not showing through our actions that Jesus is our savoir?

It's late, and I really don't have all the answers. But in a perfect world we'd be ecstatic. We'd be living for Jesus like there was no tomorrow everyday.

I know that there are probably a lot of flaws in this blog, but you have an opinion. Form your own, this is mine. For now, I'm gonna try and keep on pressing in on God, and i'm gonna continue to break free from this Christian rut we've dug ourselves into. I wanna be excited about Jesus again!

That's all
So another weekend is here. Another weekend I'm spending at my house, chilling with myself. I'm getting a little bit tired of these "alone" weekends lol. The thing is, is that I try super hard to find people to get together with on the weekend. But weekend after weekend, my plans have fallen through, because people have been busy, or away, or they can't get a ride (or vise versa). Whatever the reason it doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm by my lonesome... again...
because like normal my plans have fallen through.
But, I've rented myself a movie, and I intend to curl up on the couch tonight and watch it, bowl of popcorn in lap, fireplace on, in a comfortable position. If i'm lucky it'll make me cry (don't ask, it's a girl thing) and my night will turn out fairly decent.

P.S. I lost my agenda, and it is very near and dear to my heart, so if you see it, please return it.
That's all

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have come to the conlcusion that afternoon naps are a wonderful thing. Today, after school, I came home, went upstairs, grabbed a blanket and flopped down on my bed, and didn't get up until now. And I feel so much more rested. Considering that I was one very tired girl. So to any of those who don't believe me, try it. For I am convinced that nappy shnappies are very good things.
And yes I just said nappy shnappies..
life is more fun saying it that way

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wow. wierd day.
Heh. I started writing a blog, but I just deleted it all, because I realized it was boring. And nobody wants to read a boring blog. I'm at a loss for words at the moment, and I have nothing even remotely profound to say. All I do have to say however is that today was wierd. Why you ask? Well,

1. I saw a lady walking around that I had never seen before, and I wanted to know who she was, but I never got around asking.

2. I stood in shock at the small act that made me change my opinion on the matter at hand in an instant (whatever that means) *Must be kirstyn speaking in code again

3. There was a colouring contest in french class.

4. And I have no homework.

And that to me classify's as wierd.
That's all
*Note Wierd does not mean bad, it simply means amusing,
which is less than funny, but good none the less

Sunday, November 19, 2006

JESUS we're LiVinG for your Name

We'll never be ashamed of You

Our praise, and all we are today

Take it All

*Let that become our prayer, our life; dedicated lovers of Jesus Christ
[Breaking free from routine]

Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm sure that girls out there will agree with me. It's good to feel beautiful. You know those days where you feel like your hair couldn't look better, you just happen to be wearing your new or favourite outfit, and you woke up this morning with your eyes wide open, ready to face the day with a smile and a good attitude? I love those days. It's the kind of day where you just know it. Nobody needs to tell you so, nobody needs to say, you're looking nice today . And the best thing is that nobody can convince you otherwise. Because You simply feel beautiful.
And that's a wonderful thing. So be confident, feel good about yourself, and feel beautiful, simply because you are, we all are.
That's all

Note* This post is for the girls out there that read my blog

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I had my first ever Pop-tart today. I know, I know, never having a pop-tart before today may seem like I lived a deprived childhood, but my mom never buys things like that.. lol. This morning my homeroom had a waffle and pop-tart party lol. We had like 3 toasters going, and hotchocolate. We also had icecream, but i'm still not exactly sure why.
But overall, I must say Pop-tarts aren't so bad. I quite enjoyed mine today.
That's all

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wish. I wish for a lot of things. And sometimes I wish I could just know what people are thinking. I feel like sometimes I'm playing a guessing game. But feelings are trivial. They change constantly, and sometimes I don't know if i'm coming or going. However, I know it would backfire in more ways than one if I knew what people were thinking.

For one, even as I'm thinking about it now, I realize that it would elimenate relationship among people. Guys would no longer have to tell girls that they like them (or vise versa), You would no longer have to tell someone you're sorry, and you wouldn't have to pay someone a compliment. Because that person would already know.

And you know what? As i'm dwelling on this thought right now I'm realizing that the kind of relationship that we would have with people if we knew what they were thinking is sometimes like the relationship we have with God.

God knows what we're thinking. He knows it before we think it. God knows that I love him. But he still wants me to tell him that. God knows when I've sinned, and I know that he'll forgive me of my sins, but I still have to confront him, and to ask him for that forgivness.
If we eliminated conversations with our friends on the basis that we already knew what they were going to say. Then there would be relationship.

It's the same with God. Without that constant talking, worshiping, and listening to God, there is no relationship with him. We don't really know God. Going to church, reading the bible are things that help us get to know ABOUT God, but the key is actually knowing him, and that comes from relationship.
So I guess to wrap it up. I take it back. I don't wish that I could know what people are thinking.... well.. maybe just once in a while. ;)
That's all

Friday, November 10, 2006

Remember the days of Gorgey guy, and Balcony boy....
Where the time was sad and happy all at the same time. For we knew that it would end soon and that Dancing dude would no longer come back.
Why oh, why we ask ourselves could we have not had a british accent?
Rooooockk Ooon.
Those were the best of times and the worst of times.
Considering we had to work very hard to ditch a certain couple.
Sigh... For I miss those days; looking at old yearbooks in the thick of night, and staring blistfully from the balcony, our eyes pealed for something beautiful.
But, time goes on, and all we have are the memories
And so is the story of Gorgey guy and Balcony boy

*Note: Abi is probably the only person who will get this piece of bunk that I have written. For it was meant to be lighthearted. It is not anything even remotely profound, but I had fun writing it. Enjoy!

Monday, November 06, 2006


The crap that we fill our minds with these days is crazy. From T.V. music, internet, advertisements. I feel like anywhere I look i'm bombarded with profanity, degrading women, sexual explicitness, violence, racism.. i'm sure you get the picture. And i'm truely bothered by it.
I feel like this culture has made
  • life no longer precious,
  • it's made true love a joke,
  • it's made priorities skewed
  • and made right:wrong, and wrong:right.
It's totally contrary to the life God has for us. It's come to a point where to stand up for what
you think is right is looked down upon. People call you stupid, people call you too uptight, people call you too Christian. And you're persecuted non stop for actually taking a stand. It's come to the point where we've become numb to the severity of the situation; where watching or hearing or being any of those things I mentioned doesn't bother us anymore. It's come to the point where people would rather just do it instead of question what it's gonna do to them in the long run.

I'm so tired of it. I'm so tired of it all.

Many of you might be offended from reading this, Many of you may be thinking, well at least she didn't quote scripture. But, maybe we need to question why it offends us. Why we can live our lives filling our minds with crap that tears us down, and why we become so uptight when God is mentioned. Because it's so much easier not to be accountable for what we do....

Well. I can't live like this. I gotta break free from this routine. This culture.

Jesus is my satisfaction

That's all..

Friday, November 03, 2006

he'll trade her heart <3 . for a trophy .
put it on the shelf . so his friends can see .
suck it up and be a man.

so tired of waiting. there's no more time to lose.
so give me strength to move on. to Live

but anywhere you are. is never too far away.
there's freedom from your scars the mistakes that you've made.
The memories erased. [Maybe], that's the beauty of grace.

CoLLiDe. Crash into me. CoLLiDe. I want to be. Broken by you. and made brand new. CoLLiDe.

Make .something. beautiful
come. out. of .the .ruins

Superficial. Fake. And fleeting. Fashion statements have no meaning.

Only you make me happy.
Only you make me happy.

Everything will change.
But you remain the same.
Only you make me happy

Shake it off. [whenever i'm on the edge of giving in. ]
Shake it off. [cuz nothing can keep me down when i'm living in. Love with you. So help me God]
Shake it off.
[Shake it off.]

all this baggage i've kept around.
make it sHatteR on the ground.
cuz all that matters now. is you!

Cuz i breathe. Just to SHOUT out. and I live. just to SCREAM loud. and your love <3.> now. and i'm not running cuz it's pushed me to the edge.

I will not live in silence

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah
Lyrics from Kyrstal Meyers c.d. - dying for a heart

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ever want something you can't have?