Sunday, November 19, 2006

JESUS we're LiVinG for your Name

We'll never be ashamed of You

Our praise, and all we are today

Take it All

*Let that become our prayer, our life; dedicated lovers of Jesus Christ
[Breaking free from routine]


Anonymous said...

i loved your singing on saturday. for some reason this post reminded me of it.

(kirstyn) said...

Thanks Tara :D

Nicole said...

i heard your singing was really amazing at the lighthouse thinger. wish i could have heard it. good job anyhow :)

jkoukla said...

when are you going to bless the school with you beautiful voice again =] I LOVE IT! keep it up:)

(kirstyn) said...

thanks jackie and nicole :D. And to answer Jac's question, I have actually written a new song that I want to sing, but i'm sorta laying low for a while, considering i've already played twice- don't want ppl to get tired of it. i'll play it eventually tho :D

jkoukla said...

hehe, that's smart kirstyn. keep them wanting more! ;)