Monday, March 29, 2010


When I end up taking a break from my studies, I find that my mind wanders every which way.
Sometimes I end up here, but for the past while I haven't find much to write about.
A lack of inspiration?
What is it that you want?
Are you really interested to hear what's going on in my life?
Well, if you are: Here's a quick summary.

I have 2 tests tomorrow morning, one more paper, and an exam on April 7th and then I'm done. Completely done my first year of University. Was it all we made it out to be in the beginning? No. Do I struggle sometimes to find my own way. Yes.

I won a songwriting competition. The Earth Hour Woodbridge one. They presented me with a hefty cheque worth 200 big ones, and had me up on stage last Saturday evening to sing my award winning tune. This of course happened on the same night as my second gospel choir concert. So after the concert I rushed off to woodbridge to sing. I also sang one of the greatest and funnest solos of all time on the show on Friday night. I love that no body expects a short white girl to come out and sing a huge gospel solo. I can hold my ground quite well though. You'd be surprised.

How's work you ask? Fine. However, I've never known people could come up with such vulgar speech before in my life. One of my coworkers told me I could come to work with earmuffs if I didn't like it. Maybe I will, I think to myself.

Plans for the summer? Yup. Planning on going back to Quebec to work at a summer camp. Still waiting to hear back though.

I'm turning 19 next Monday. 2 days before my final paper and Psych exam. Guess what I'll be doing. Studying. The following weekend though I'll be going shopping with Mom and hanging out with friends.

So there you have it. If there was anyone that wanted whatever it was anyway.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little patches of sunshine.

I just couldn't take being cooped up inside on such a beautiful day. Especially when they've predicted snow for this upcoming Monday.

It's strange that it is only on these early spring days that we cherish the warmth and sunlight that comes with the new season.
In the winter we let the days pass quickly. And they do with their short-lived hours of precious sunlight.
In the summer we take for granted the heat that comes on a beautiful July afternoon.

But it's these warm March days that tempt us with the approaching warm summer days. We strive to enjoy them, knowing that it's only a matter of time before the last wave of cold leaves its deposit of snow on our frosted lawns in the morning.

Anyways, I decided to take advantage of the sunshine - So I grabbed my macbook (Oh how I love the portable computer generation), some french homework, and set myself up on the front patio.

I love the springtime.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wrap it up...

How is it possible that I've already reached the last month of classes in my first year at University.

My last exam is scheduled for the 7th of April, and after that I'll be free from the endless clutter of textbooks and binders that take up space on my work desk, much to the relief of my mother which promises she will kick me out of this room (in that I'll-love-you-forever way) if I don't clean up.

What have I learned this year?

Autonomy - I'm just another student trying to make my way. Trying to get a degree. Trying to pursue my "dream". It's a whole lot harder to make friends and keep them. No more small Christian high school where everyone knows you and lovingly encourages your passions and talents. In a way, I enjoy this feeling of being autonomous. I can start fresh. On the other hand, starting fresh can be lonely.

Capability - I can still get the grades. I still work my butt off, but my overall average didn't drop the 20% that most people told me it would.


When I visited my high school about a month ago and talked to my old english prof, he asked me if my current university and program was everything I ever dreamed it would be and more.
I replied ... "Nothings is ever everything we dream it to be. But I'm still enjoying myself."

And that was an honest statement. However, that doesn't mean that sometimes I wish I could just shove the books aside and stop studying. That doesn't mean that I don't miss my old friends, and wish for the comfortable little box that high school provided me with.
That doesn't mean that I don't struggle to figure out what God's doing in my life, and through my life.

But overall,
I enjoy my classes. My campus is beautiful. I've met some really interesting people. I have a great scholarship. 3 day weeks are amazing. And I've got some pretty big dreams for the future.

I'm blessed beyond belief.
Can't complain.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

As I got off the TTC bus yesterday at my University campus and made my way down the path toward my morning class, I had the first glimmer of hope that spring really is coming.

Now, I know it's still too early to tell. In fact, we'll probably have another snow storm in no time.
However, yesterday the sun was shining unashamedly. The air was warmer than usual, and I soaked up the much needed light.

My brother and I have been pining away for summer. He told me this morning that he thinks it'll just start getting warmer from here on in. I don't believe him, although I want to.

Who knows.
All I know is that I'm tired of the cold.