Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A room full of Jesus Freaks ~~~

Coolest thing happened today. The junior girls team had a game today at Middleton. (We lost btw) Anyways, after the game my dad and I decided to stay and watch some of the senior girls game (Middleton vs. Unionville). One of the girls on the Unionville team had a knee brace on, and she must have stepped on her foot wrong or something because all of the sudden she fell to the ground, grabbing her knee and calling frantically for a time out. Of course, the coaches rushed to her, getting her ice and helping her up. Her dad was in the bleachers and he went to her too. Thankfully, she was alright. (Now for the point of my story) As the dad of the girl was coming back onto the bleachers, my dad recognized him from some previous thing and said hello. They talked for a few minutes, and the man told my dad that he had become the pastor of the Unionville Alliance Church. The conversation ended and the dad took his spot in the bleachers again to watch the game.
Meanwhile there was this man beside us, in green converse (very cool i must say), and he had been listening to the conversation. He then said hello and started talking about how he was the youth pastor of 2 of the girls playing on the Middleton team. He said he felt like he should say hello because he overheard us talking about pastoring and such.
I guess the point of my story is that there were a lot of Christians in that gym tonight. I dont know about you, but I never expect someone I see on the street, or at the mall, or in a basketball game to be a christian. I don't know why, but I just don't. It was cool to see that that room was filled with them, and we found it out in a matter of minutes. It was interesting to say the least. I didn't suspect any of the players on the other teams to be Christian, and especially not the man sitting beside me cheering on the Middleton team. Small World

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A word humans use to describe a difference in their lives, a new season, a switch in routine.
Yet, the funny thing is, is that we can never figure out whether change is good or bad. I think that it can be both. Example: a new haircut. That's a change isn't it? Is it good or is it bad? That depends on what you think of the final outcome. Do you feel like you can't wait until you can show your friends, or are you already making another appointment with a new hairdresser to fix the mass of hair on your head that didn't turn out how you wanted it to.
Now this is just a minor example. But the fact is, Life changes. We grow up, we make friends, we lose friends, we learn, we make mistakes... I think you get the picture.
Sometimes I want life to stay exactly how it is right at this second in time. And then at other times in life i'm wishing that it were next week, next month, next year.
I've come to the conclusion that change is neither good nor bad, it just is. And it's what we make of it, and how we decide to embrace it that makes the difference. Life takes a little adjusting every now and then. But with friends, and family, and most importantly God we always make it through.
Life is change, change is life.

That's all

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A sense of realization ---

I went out to eat tonight with my family and two other family friends (My mom's old boss, and her husband) to a restaurant called Lonestar. It was actually a lot of fun; lts of good food, and good friends and family. But, about halfway through our meal, I had kind of zoned out from the conversation because I had noticed this man that had come in. He was probably 30 -35 years old and I think that he had down syndrom. He had two canes that he used to support him when he walked, and he was with an older gentleman and lady that looked like his parents. The point of my story is that at one point while I was observing (lol) I saw one of the waitresses say hello to him as she was walking past. He said hello back and then the next instant just broke into this big smile. It was one of those grins that stretch from ear to ear and just light up an entire room. I dont' think that anybody else noticed this gentleman, but I did. He looked so happy, like he didn't have a care in the world, and you know what maybe he didn't.

It got me thinking. I realized again just how blessed I really am. I sit here in front of my own computer, with a room to myself, and clothes in my closet. I'm full from having a full dinner tonight, and my family is somewhere around this house that I live in. And instead of always concentrating on those bad things that we dwell on so much, I decided to dwell on the little things that in and of themselves are little blessings from God.

I wish that I could take more time to just break into a full out smile more often, or laugh until it hurts, because I truly am very blessed.

That's all


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We won our basketball game today! Woo Hoo! It's our second win of the season. We played King City today, and the game was neck and neck the whole way through. The score was tied at the end of third, and then we really stepped up and won the game! So way to go girls! Man, so much fun. We're really learning a lot, and playing like a team.

I can't wait till we play Unity on Monday. Way to go girls! TDCH rocks!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today was an interesting day to say the least.
We (Everybody; me, you, us) have a tendency to judge people before actually getting to know them. We give them stereotypes. (Blonde, bully, smart kid) Occasionally though we get a chance to get to know these people, or see a differenct side of them. That happened to me today. Someone i thought that I had totally figured out showed me a different side of them, and now my attitude has changed. It was a surprising twist to the day.


Monday, October 23, 2006

It's me Kirstyn again. I'm actually in fourth period french right now. I should probably be writing in french, but frankly I don't feel like it. Beside me is my friend Marlee, she says hi. Very lovely. Anyways. Tonight I have a basketball game, It's a home game, and so I get to hang out after school with everyone, go to Timmy's, all that fun stuff.
Anyways I'll tell you if we win. Cross your fingers.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

So this is my first blog for this new "blogspot" I have. This past weekend has been very exciting. Friday Night and Saturday all day long I went to a youth Conference called Change. It was awesome. The speakers were great, talking about media, faith, and culture. One talked about how Jesus wants to partner with us to talk to people about him, and share in this awesome relationship that we have with him.
Tree 63 did a concert on friday night. It was amazing. My cousin, abigail, came with me to the conference and it was so much fun to just see her again, and catch up.
The title of my blog is "Breaking.free.from.routine" and I think a lot of that has to do with actually having a relationship with Jesus Christ, not just knowing "about" Jesus, but AcTuAlLy knowing him, and being excited about what he wants to do in our lives. I guess being more than just Sunday Christians.
Anyways. I guess that's all for now.