Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A room full of Jesus Freaks ~~~

Coolest thing happened today. The junior girls team had a game today at Middleton. (We lost btw) Anyways, after the game my dad and I decided to stay and watch some of the senior girls game (Middleton vs. Unionville). One of the girls on the Unionville team had a knee brace on, and she must have stepped on her foot wrong or something because all of the sudden she fell to the ground, grabbing her knee and calling frantically for a time out. Of course, the coaches rushed to her, getting her ice and helping her up. Her dad was in the bleachers and he went to her too. Thankfully, she was alright. (Now for the point of my story) As the dad of the girl was coming back onto the bleachers, my dad recognized him from some previous thing and said hello. They talked for a few minutes, and the man told my dad that he had become the pastor of the Unionville Alliance Church. The conversation ended and the dad took his spot in the bleachers again to watch the game.
Meanwhile there was this man beside us, in green converse (very cool i must say), and he had been listening to the conversation. He then said hello and started talking about how he was the youth pastor of 2 of the girls playing on the Middleton team. He said he felt like he should say hello because he overheard us talking about pastoring and such.
I guess the point of my story is that there were a lot of Christians in that gym tonight. I dont know about you, but I never expect someone I see on the street, or at the mall, or in a basketball game to be a christian. I don't know why, but I just don't. It was cool to see that that room was filled with them, and we found it out in a matter of minutes. It was interesting to say the least. I didn't suspect any of the players on the other teams to be Christian, and especially not the man sitting beside me cheering on the Middleton team. Small World

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