Sunday, October 22, 2006

So this is my first blog for this new "blogspot" I have. This past weekend has been very exciting. Friday Night and Saturday all day long I went to a youth Conference called Change. It was awesome. The speakers were great, talking about media, faith, and culture. One talked about how Jesus wants to partner with us to talk to people about him, and share in this awesome relationship that we have with him.
Tree 63 did a concert on friday night. It was amazing. My cousin, abigail, came with me to the conference and it was so much fun to just see her again, and catch up.
The title of my blog is "" and I think a lot of that has to do with actually having a relationship with Jesus Christ, not just knowing "about" Jesus, but AcTuAlLy knowing him, and being excited about what he wants to do in our lives. I guess being more than just Sunday Christians.
Anyways. I guess that's all for now.


MYKL said...

Hey Kirstyn
Pretty cool blog!
Great that you are starting one.
Can we link blogs in a blog ring?
Ask me about it.

your secret admirer said...

hey! i actually think my brothers went to that same conference thing! maybe... hmmm.

they went with a pentecostal church anyways to a thing where tree 63 played on friday :P. haha. so definitely thinking that's the one!

well welcome to the blogging world kirstyn! nice to see ya here! sweet!!


(kirstyn) said...

Thanks Kathleen! It's fun to be here... in this "world" hehe. Yea Tree 63 was amazing! So good in fact i think i need to go buy their c.d.