Thursday, October 26, 2006

A sense of realization ---

I went out to eat tonight with my family and two other family friends (My mom's old boss, and her husband) to a restaurant called Lonestar. It was actually a lot of fun; lts of good food, and good friends and family. But, about halfway through our meal, I had kind of zoned out from the conversation because I had noticed this man that had come in. He was probably 30 -35 years old and I think that he had down syndrom. He had two canes that he used to support him when he walked, and he was with an older gentleman and lady that looked like his parents. The point of my story is that at one point while I was observing (lol) I saw one of the waitresses say hello to him as she was walking past. He said hello back and then the next instant just broke into this big smile. It was one of those grins that stretch from ear to ear and just light up an entire room. I dont' think that anybody else noticed this gentleman, but I did. He looked so happy, like he didn't have a care in the world, and you know what maybe he didn't.

It got me thinking. I realized again just how blessed I really am. I sit here in front of my own computer, with a room to myself, and clothes in my closet. I'm full from having a full dinner tonight, and my family is somewhere around this house that I live in. And instead of always concentrating on those bad things that we dwell on so much, I decided to dwell on the little things that in and of themselves are little blessings from God.

I wish that I could take more time to just break into a full out smile more often, or laugh until it hurts, because I truly am very blessed.

That's all


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faded memories said...

kirstyn, aw man your so right. i think about the bad stuff way more than the good stuff and its not right but its so hard sometimes. but i liked this story, made me smile.
keep it up kiddo!