Tuesday, March 02, 2010

As I got off the TTC bus yesterday at my University campus and made my way down the path toward my morning class, I had the first glimmer of hope that spring really is coming.

Now, I know it's still too early to tell. In fact, we'll probably have another snow storm in no time.
However, yesterday the sun was shining unashamedly. The air was warmer than usual, and I soaked up the much needed light.

My brother and I have been pining away for summer. He told me this morning that he thinks it'll just start getting warmer from here on in. I don't believe him, although I want to.

Who knows.
All I know is that I'm tired of the cold.



Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

Around here, winter has been looking a lot like the last days of fall for almost a week. It's achingly beautiful, because it has all the appearance of that happy time, but outside, invariably disappoints.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.