Thursday, November 16, 2006

I had my first ever Pop-tart today. I know, I know, never having a pop-tart before today may seem like I lived a deprived childhood, but my mom never buys things like that.. lol. This morning my homeroom had a waffle and pop-tart party lol. We had like 3 toasters going, and hotchocolate. We also had icecream, but i'm still not exactly sure why.
But overall, I must say Pop-tarts aren't so bad. I quite enjoyed mine today.
That's all


Nicole said...

your in westerhofs homeroom? i had english first and the stuff was still jo and i stole some waffles, and toasted them outside. it was fun!
I've never had a poptart before either! i don't feel deprived though, because i've never actually wanted one :P

jkoukla said...

hahahaa... mmm, ice-cream for breakfast! ....=\
pop tarts are over-rated, eh?

(kirstyn) said...

yea they are overrated lol.. definately, and nicole, yea I'm in westerhof's ... haah that's sweet that you got some. i so would have done the same.. i love toaster waffles.

Anonymous said...

waffles and ice cream - mmhhmmm

your secret admirer said...

i've never had a pop-tart either i dont' think. but i don't feel deprived either.

the icecream on the waffles looked good..

Anonymous said...

ew those are so gross! they're pretty though.