Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I wish. I wish for a lot of things. And sometimes I wish I could just know what people are thinking. I feel like sometimes I'm playing a guessing game. But feelings are trivial. They change constantly, and sometimes I don't know if i'm coming or going. However, I know it would backfire in more ways than one if I knew what people were thinking.

For one, even as I'm thinking about it now, I realize that it would elimenate relationship among people. Guys would no longer have to tell girls that they like them (or vise versa), You would no longer have to tell someone you're sorry, and you wouldn't have to pay someone a compliment. Because that person would already know.

And you know what? As i'm dwelling on this thought right now I'm realizing that the kind of relationship that we would have with people if we knew what they were thinking is sometimes like the relationship we have with God.

God knows what we're thinking. He knows it before we think it. God knows that I love him. But he still wants me to tell him that. God knows when I've sinned, and I know that he'll forgive me of my sins, but I still have to confront him, and to ask him for that forgivness.
If we eliminated conversations with our friends on the basis that we already knew what they were going to say. Then there would be relationship.

It's the same with God. Without that constant talking, worshiping, and listening to God, there is no relationship with him. We don't really know God. Going to church, reading the bible are things that help us get to know ABOUT God, but the key is actually knowing him, and that comes from relationship.
So I guess to wrap it up. I take it back. I don't wish that I could know what people are thinking.... well.. maybe just once in a while. ;)
That's all


hillschurch said...

Pretty profound girl!

Anonymous said...

(stars give wishes)

your secret admirer said...

i love how that progressed. it's true what you said! very very true. that'll keep me thinking for awhile!