Thursday, November 23, 2006

When somebody hears the word "Christian" what comes to mind? In a secular culture, Christians sometimes have a bad wrap. We've been called Hyprocrites, Self-centred, Prideful, Judging. And you know what? I don't blame them for calling us that, because I think it's true.

So many times I've been guilty of treating people as though I think i'm better than them because they don't know Jesus, or they don't believe in Jesus, and then the next second I tell them that I'm in the worship band at my school, and that my daddy's a pastor. What's up with that?

Do we expect people to listen to us when we tell them about Jesus if they can see by how we act that we don't even believe what we're telling them?

We live like our Faith doesn't or shouldn't impact our everyday life. We go to church cuz we have to, we pray, while all the while thinking of other things, and we attend youth conferences but when they're done we go back to how we were before, as though nothing happened. Why then should people care, or be interested in Jesus if we don't even act like we care.

This same theme, [breaking free from routine] comes back to me again and again.

If, and I say If we really believe that Jesus died for us, and that we're spending eternity with him then why aren't we more excited!? Why do live like we do; disregarding the truth, not living out what we proclaim, not showing through our actions that Jesus is our savoir?

It's late, and I really don't have all the answers. But in a perfect world we'd be ecstatic. We'd be living for Jesus like there was no tomorrow everyday.

I know that there are probably a lot of flaws in this blog, but you have an opinion. Form your own, this is mine. For now, I'm gonna try and keep on pressing in on God, and i'm gonna continue to break free from this Christian rut we've dug ourselves into. I wanna be excited about Jesus again!

That's all


Tala Azar said...

i totally hear what you're saying. i have two problems with this myself particularly.
often, i tell myself, if there were something excitingly important to do for jesus then i would be able to show my excitement. and that is such a lie. that's exactly the problem: we think we need to do something that will excite us. when all that should excite us is jesus. and when jesus ignites our hearts it shows through in all the little things we do. i think that's what's so amazing about God. he works inbetween the lines but it changes the way the whole world works. but still: if we ignore that we're not doing anything. i'm not sure this is making sense i'm just writing my thoughts. what can we do that will motivate our generation? is it kind of like a secret being built up that will reveal itself later... or are we being too silent?
glad to know other people are thinking about this. and about your last post: don't give up, i think a lot of teenagers suck at organizing and at first i thought it was cuz they didn't want to get together buuut i just think we're busy/can't drive/leave it til last minute. sigh.

woah long comment. provocative post though.

joel said...

for real deal.
well put kirstyn.