Friday, November 03, 2006

he'll trade her heart <3 . for a trophy .
put it on the shelf . so his friends can see .
suck it up and be a man.

so tired of waiting. there's no more time to lose.
so give me strength to move on. to Live

but anywhere you are. is never too far away.
there's freedom from your scars the mistakes that you've made.
The memories erased. [Maybe], that's the beauty of grace.

CoLLiDe. Crash into me. CoLLiDe. I want to be. Broken by you. and made brand new. CoLLiDe.

Make .something. beautiful
come. out. of .the .ruins

Superficial. Fake. And fleeting. Fashion statements have no meaning.

Only you make me happy.
Only you make me happy.

Everything will change.
But you remain the same.
Only you make me happy

Shake it off. [whenever i'm on the edge of giving in. ]
Shake it off. [cuz nothing can keep me down when i'm living in. Love with you. So help me God]
Shake it off.
[Shake it off.]

all this baggage i've kept around.
make it sHatteR on the ground.
cuz all that matters now. is you!

Cuz i breathe. Just to SHOUT out. and I live. just to SCREAM loud. and your love <3.> now. and i'm not running cuz it's pushed me to the edge.

I will not live in silence

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah
Lyrics from Kyrstal Meyers c.d. - dying for a heart


jkoukla said...

wow that was an awesome thing to read. good choice kirstyn :)

(kirstyn) said...

thanks... I just got Krystal Meyers c.d. and her lyrics are insane... totally straight forward. i love it

tarajoy said...

i like the way you wrote it out. it means /more./