Monday, August 06, 2007


Nothing can compare to the way I feel in your presence.
Nothing is better than who you are and what you've done in my life.
I want to lift up my head and look straight into your eyes.
I want to reach out my arms and let you carry me.
I need to be renewed.
I need to hear your voice.
I need you to love me, I need you to be active and present in my life.
Help me. Help me to leave everything in your hands. Help me not to worry about tomorrow, knowing that your plan is better than mine.
Take me away. Take me away with you.
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Worthy to be praised.
Who was and Is, and Is to come.
I love you.


Mac-Attack Productions said...

very nice prayer, very heartfelt, you just may wish to change the font colour

(kirstyn) said...

No I don't wish to change the font colour. White was done on purpose. Thanks though :)