Thursday, June 03, 2010

The midnight hour.

It's always late at night when my mind whirls around like a spinning ride at the county fair. Thoughts rush in and around until I can't separate one from the other. Somehow I'm so much more pensive in the night. I need a wind-down time. A time for my mind to just work through all the thoughts.

I've tried coming home from a late night shift at Second Cup and hopping in my bed straight away. Might as well forget about it. I need time to slow down. To work through those thoughts that seem insignificant, because sometimes they're significant enough to keep me up for a few extra minutes.

So, I read a book, or look aimlessly at facebook pictures, or I pray, or read my bible, or I eat, or I just sit there on my bed with my bedside lamp on. And after a few minutes, I can shut the light off, close my eyes and drift off into a beautiful sleep.

Good night. Sleep well,


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Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

I think it is probably a very good thing to be able to work all day and still devote time to pensive/intellectual matters. I gather that a lot of people, when spending their energy thus, let matters like that fall by the wayside.