Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another way to see Jesus

I really need a fresh start. I feel as though the next two weeks will be terribly redundant and by that I mean the schedule is going to look like this: School, Drama, Study. I really really need some new scenery.

I was reading the book "Blue Like Jazz" and the author said something about how unsatisfying it is to be exhausted not from physical activity but simply from working at a desk all day long. And I really think he was on to something.

This picture is so perfect. I don't know when I'll ever get the chance to go back.

I've decided that learning another language is a privilege. If anybody is unfortunate it's us Americans. Throw out pride. Throw out "better-than-thou". I'd give anything to be trilingual. Maybe one day.

I called this home for a month.

I never realized until that summer just how much a single picture can remind me of. I can remember not only the site, but the smell, the weather, the feeling, the attitude, the sounds, the laughter, the experience, the people, the voices. Just a picture to one person can be filled with so much memory to another. It can be their connection; their everything. These pictures are everything to me.

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--kathleen... said...

those pictures are beautiful!
i read Blue Like Jazz also. a long time ago... but i read it and i really enjoyed it. i remember it made me think. i don't remember much else though.