Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody :D!!!
I hope the day has been good so far for all of you.
Anyways. My family set out for Florida this morning at 6 a.m.
Well the day is gone now, and as I am typing this I am sitting at a desk in Columbia, South Carolina in a hotel room.
Every single fast food restaurant was closed today exept for the Waffle House next door. Everybody in this state talks with a drawl... I love listneing to it :D
Man... we must have done 12-13 hours in the car today. But surprisingly it wasn't that bad. I watched some movies on my dad's laptop, started knitting myself a scarf, read, looked at scenery, and ate food... lol.
It's been a wierd christmas to say the least. But, it's been good all the same. Anyways. I guess I will write some more later, if I can... but for now I'll say goodnight. A Merry Merry Christmas too you all!


Anonymous said...

heyy merry christmas kirstyn! sounds like you're having an awesome time!!

i went to south carolina when i was six... so i don't remember much! but i'd imagine everything would be closed! wow!

that's a long time in the car... reminds me of when i went to nova scotia which was 21+ hours drive... craziness...
but watching movies is a good waste of time. and knitting? that's neat! haha.

love you! see you in over a week!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas!!