Friday, December 15, 2006


Today was wierd.
This morning was wierd. The song I played didn't seem to be recieved that well. I was so excited about it. I've actually been waiting for about a month to play that song. Just because It comes straight from my heart, and it talks about what God is speaking into my life and the lives of other people. I don't sing to impress people, I sing because music conveys emotion that speaking never could, and because I want to glorify God. But maybe the song I sang today was just a little to personal, a little too daring, a little too ... whatever you want to call it... I really don't know. I just didn't get such a hot vibe after I played. I know ppl liked it, but did people hear what the song was saying? Did they hear the message, were they effected, did they feel something afterward?
I just feel confused.


Anonymous said...

okay...first off, you were absolutely AMAZING this morning. i think that song touched a LOT of people because what it was saying was kind of the same thing that has been spoken to them by God. i think that's maybe why you didn't get the response you normally made people think (not that you don't normally) it's just this time it hit them a little closer to home; almost as though they could be singing right along with you and it might have scared them a little...but honestly that song touched my heart.

Anonymous said...

aw kirstyn! i really wish i could have heard it, but i am sure you really did touch people... cause honestly i haven't heard you sing a song where i haven't been touched or impacted or moved or yeah.

Anonymous said...

it touched me too kirstyn. i loved it. it made me think...

awesome job kirstyn. really. i fully support you.

i can't help what other people think, but i think you and your music is amazing :).