Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stressed out much?

The blogging world seems to be slowing down, or so it seems. People seem to be posting less, and commenting less. Maybe they're all getting tired of blogging. Or maybe it's just a busy time of year. Personally I think it is the latter.

This week alone I have 4 tests. Science and Math, which I finished today, and then tomorrow I have the TD Choir test (which btw I had no idea about until Kathleen informed me about an hour ago) and then on Friday I have a french test. Pretty intense if you ask me.
But life right now is exciting: with school, and plays, and christmas plans, and contests and friends and the like. And on top of all that trying to learn german to be prepared for next summer... man It's crazy. Oh btw....

Ich habe vier Geschenke unter dem Baum

Now I know you don't speak german, but if you really want to know what that means.. look it up.

Anyways...I plan to keep my stress level at a low, becuase I don't do well under stress. I plan to enjoy the last few days of school, and then the holidays.
That's all


Anonymous said...

four gifts? our tree isn't even decorated yet. ah well.

kathleen said...

for some reason.. it's not letting me comment.

i can sing silent night in german.

kathleen said...

mmm maybe that one did work after all? we shall see! love you!

(kirstyn) said...

haha.. i used to know how to sing it kathleen.. hahah. i know the first line or so...
oh and good job john. you figured out the foreign language.
that's a shame. christmas trees are my favourite