Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back to the sitcom

Going back to the sitcom. Sometimes I wish that life would be more exciting. Or by that I mean that my life would contain a different kind of exciting that seems to be null and void at the moment, in my life anyways.
Imagination. It's a bad thing sometimes, but it's also a wonderful thing. It just depends on where you let your mind wander. For me, my imagination seems to raise my expectations. Because I imagine something as I would like to be, and then when the moment finally comes, it wasn't nearly as wonderful as I imagined. Which is a shame sometimes. However, sometimes the opposite happens, when I think that something will be horrible, and then the actual experience turns out to be a good experience. I don't have an example for you today, because I don't feel like giving any.


Anonymous said...

yeah... i think you have to maintain a balance in life of looking forward to something, but not having expectations yno? like being prepared.

such a tricky balance though.

sometimes i find myself waiting for something interesting to happen... sometimes i wish life would be more exciting. but i wait... and eventually it does get more exciting or more stressful, but either way more eventful and interesting!

Anonymous said...

imagine living a sitcom.

(kirstyn) said...

yes tara, tis the topic of my blog lol.. thanks for clarifying ;) lol jks :D :D
K <3