Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In need of some rest

I just wrote out an entire blog. But then I read it, and realized that I didn't want to say any of the stuff I had written down... do any of the other fellow bloggers do that?? hmm. I realized that I really havent been very profound lately. And I haven't written many blogs about things that are super deep, or super spiritual. But, I say go with the flow.. hey?
3 more days of school left, and then the holidays. I'd say, it's about time. They work us too hard at school these days. All I can say is that I've earned this christmas break... big time...
Well maybe not as much as the gr. 12's who have like a billion ISU's due this week. but Still. I'm tired, I want to see my cousins, I want to just sit for once. Anyways. Later

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Tala Azar said...

aww dont worry about spouting profundity/spirituality. ppl never are when they try to be. just be genuine and say what you think needs to be said or what you feel like saying.
dyou think that's a selfish way of thinking? herrmmm.

(not that i follow my own advice :P)