Monday, December 04, 2006

I realized that I have never put any pictures in any of my blogs. So I decided to put pictures in this one. After I decided this, I asked myself, "Kirstyn, what pictures should I put in my blog?" and then I said to myself, "Self, put in pictures of camp, because camp is a wonderful place, full of friends and good times, and maybe even an adventure or two." So, my fellow blog readers, venture with me into your free tour of Bethel Park.
Bethel Park Youth Camp 2006 - otherwise known as BPYC '06

This is a picture of Myself, Then Ben, then Tom, and then my good friend Sarah (Left to right), or bubbles as she is known as during our week at BPYC... We met Ben and Tom on one of the days at camp, they were in the worship band. Which was awesome btw. Dan the worship man was awesome..

This, to my right, is a picture of Mike, and myself. Oh maan.. good times. Mike was the best story teller I have ever met. He'd just start telling this random story (most of the time it wasn't true) haha, and then this crowd would gather, and by the end everyone listening was killing themselves laughing. It was the best...

This is a picture of Larissa, Myself, Steph, and Anna. My great friends at camp (I think sarah is taking the picture, which would explain why she's not there) Good times, sleeping in the same cabin, sneaking out, causing trouble, haha jks...

Haha... what can I say about this picture? It was during our late night activity. Fear Factor night or something like that... the guys had to spread peanut butter over their fronts, and the the girls from their teams had to throw marshmellows onto the peanut butter... person with the most marshmellows after 2 min wins.. who thought up this game? I have no idea.. haha..
The whole gang.. in front of the old tabernackle, or is it the new one? lol.. Nobody knows anymore... This was on the last day of camp. Sigh.. such a sad day. Anyways... that's it. Until next year. Sorry that I couldn't put in more pictures, but I think this blog is long enough....

BPYC ' 06
That's all.. K


joel said...


lol mike rawks the free world.
by the way,... that marshmellow game...MY TEAM WON but we came in last at the end of the week.

dude, u need a pic of simon, definitly. hes the funniest guy on earth!


(kirstyn) said...

fo sho! he is hilarious .. even tho he totally stole our name from last year.. and i didn't have any pics of you from youthcamp..
lol so that's why. but.. yea haha. um the marshmellow game was gross... abi, had a fight with the peanutbutter and then smelled my whole cabin up when she took a shower.. lol