Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Have you ever wished that one of your dreams would come true. Now, I'm not talking about dreams as in life goals, and aspriations. I'm talking about dreams, as in those deep thoughts you have when you're sleeping.
Often, when you are dreaming you are unaware that you are dreaming, and instead you treat the dream as though it were real life, and think that what you are dreaming is actually happening.
What I'm asking is, have you ever woken up from a good dream, realized that you were in fact dreaming, and then wished that the dream had actually happened?
I have.
Those are the kind of dreams, where you meet up with one of your long lost friends, or you win a trip to some tropical island with your family, or _________ (fill in blank with desired wish).
This actually happened to me recently. I was dreaming about something or other, and I realized in my dream that I was having a lot of fun, and then I suddenly woke up. As soon as I realized it was a dream, I sighed, and said, "aww man... too bad" lol..
I don't know, sometimes I wish for those really good dreams to come true and to actaually happen in my day-to-day life. *sigh.. oh well

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Tala Azar said...

yep, all the time... mostly i like how free i am to be just... be.