Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"You're from Canadia?"

Hi guys...
So, My week in Florida has passed ever so quickly. Today is my last day here, and tomorrow morning were packing up the car and heading back to gold ol' Toronto.
The weather this week has been amazing. I even managed to get some colour while on the beach and down by the pool.
I've done some shopping. The best part about the malls here is buying clothes from stores that we don't have in Canada.
Lol.. I was in store called "DELIA'S" the other day and this really nice girl that worked there was helping me and stuff (getting a fitting room, finding sized, etc.) And she said, "Hey, I like those jeans that you're wearing, where did you get them." so I said, "Thanks :D, Garage". She told me she'd never heard of it, so I'm assuming that "Garage" is a candaian store. (Correct me if I'm wrong) anyways, so I said "You've prob never heard of the store because it's probably Canadian." and she's like, "Oh! You're from Canadia?" lol... yea.. well that's pretty much the end of the story. She corrected herself after she said it at least lol..
Anyways. Yea I've had an awesome time here this week. But.. I think I'm almost excited to get back to Toronto! I've missed all of you guys!
That's all...
p.s. I sat on the balcony right before midnight on new years eve, and I have got to say, American's go overboard on fireworks! The show I got (free of charge btw) was the best I've ever seen, it went on for hours... sweet
p.s.s. I'll get some pictures up asap.


Anonymous said...

arent fireworks illegal in canada or somethin'? and not in the us?
hehehe, canadia. gotta love them americans;)
glad its been awesome..cant wait to see your killer tan!;)

(kirstyn) said...

nah.. not illegal.. we have them on our street every once in awhile for Canada day..
my killer tan?? lol .. i hope i don't dissapoint. it's not that good.. not very good at all.. i am browner tho lol
see you monday .. lo
p.s. i'm in west virginia!! on my way home... lates

Anonymous said...

canadia. at least she corrected herself. i wonder if we do things like that to americans without noticing it>

(kirstyn) said...

most likely

kathleen said...

we probably do john, but i don't think as much so.

fireworks aren't illegal in canada... i've seen them on victoria day (may long weekend) too... well... i don't know about personal fireworks, but i've seen those too! i wanna see fireworks though... haven't in a long time!

Anonymous said...

you can buy fireworks at the schomberg iga sometimes. so i guess they're not illegal.