Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love is the Reversal - Starfield

Welcome to the worldwide train wreck
Welcome to the come undone
Welcome to the big rejection
Welcome to the hit and run
Where mercy cries for everyone

I believe we're underwater
I believe the engine's blown
Yeah I believe our secret longings
Tell us that we're not at home
But grace reclaims what the world disowns

Yeah, nothing here's as good as it should be
'Cause this is the rehersal
Yeah, in between the was and the could be
Love is the reversal


Johanna just caught a tear from the sky said...

hm... i love this song:) thanks!

your secret admirer said...

I love Starfield. Good worship music. Especially the "My Generation" Cd, that is definitely the better one. I love the songs: "obsession", and "everything is beautiful" well those are the only two song titles i can think of right now.

"everything is beautiful, even when the tears are falling, i don't need a miracle to believe!" such good lyrics...

anyways... i'll talk to you later sometime. God's blessings this week as you prepare for exams :).