Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Devil wears Prada?

I know that this post might offend some people, and that most people won't agree with me, but hey this is my blog.

Annnyways, after that note

This weekend I slept over at my best friends house and we hung out last night and all day Sunday. I went to her church in the morning, then we went out for lunch with some of my other friends and then went back to her place.

On saturday night we rented the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" I've been wanting to see that for quite sometime now. And I must say, after watching it I was extremely dissapointed. I thought It was so shallow.
This is why.

  • They treated the fact that she was living with her boyfriend as if it's the most normal thing in the world. As if it shouldn't be questioned, as if there's nothing amiss with the whole deal.
  • After working for her boss for a while she realizes that her boss is really synical and nasty so she comforms to please her by losing wieght, and dressing in the latest fashions (there's nothing wrong with looking good and there's nothing wrong with clothes, but I didn't like how the movie made that more important than her integrity, and staying true to yourself and who you are)
  • Speaking of integrity, as the movie wore on, she lost all of hers. She slept with this other guy, lost all of her friends, made her job the most important part of her life.
  • And then when she finally realized she messed up, she came back to her ex-boyfriend and said, "I'm sorry" and just like that he forgave her and was like, "It's alright" - Now we should forgive people, because God says to forgive as Iforgave you, but sometimes because we're human we don't always act like that, and when we say we're sorry we're not being genuine. (so it wasn't realistic)
Anyways this is my opinion. After watching this movie I almost felt like I should have shut it off and not finished it, because in my opinion, it wasn't worth seeing. God tells us to Gaurd our hearts, and our minds. To steer clear of all unrighteousness.

I guess my point is is that we need to be aware of what were watching, of what we're allowing into our hearts, into our minds and souls. Is it God glorifying? If not, then maybe we should think twice.


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