Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Strange Weather

I told you in my last post that the weather changes super fast here in Germany. Well, I experienced that again today. We went for a walk with the kids today on a road that led up a hill into the forest. The sun was shining when we left, and once we had gotten up into the forest a bit more (maybe 20 minutes later) it started pouring. I'm talking cats and dogs.

As we made our way back to the kindergarten Leon kept on jumping in puddles by me, and wouldnt stop. So, I got soaked. (the kids have rain jackets, and rain pants, and rubber boots that they put on every time they go outside so the rain was not an issue for them)

Anyways, the thing that got me was right after we made it back into the kindergarten for lunch (Mittag essen) the rain ceased to fall, and out came the sun. Now that's ironic. Haha... Oh well.

The weather forcast is rain for tomorrow and friday, but then sunshine for the weekend, finally. Anyways that is pretty much the only update I have.

Alles Gut!


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--kathleen... said...

it has been really nice weather here in b.c. - all sunny :). it's rather fortunate.