Saturday, July 14, 2007

So, I have some MAJOR catching up to do! Man, so much has happened in the last 3 days.

Freiburg on thursday was So much fun. It was just Gabi and me that went, and we had a blast! The cool thing about Freiburg is the fact that they have these little gutters with flowing water in them on the sides of all the streets. I had to be very careful not to step in one. Gabi and I did some major shopping, got some cool stuff. We stopped for an Eis (ice cream) and we did a lot of walking. It really was schöne. We will probably go back next week which I am excited about.

Yesterday I took the train to Ravensburg to meet my cousin Helen. It was my first time taking the train and I thought it a cool experience. I met up with Helen in Ravensburg and tagged along with her to one of her University lecture. It was only an hour though so that was fine. After that, we met up with Angela (one of Helen's friends), had some lunch, and did some walking in the old city of Ravensburg.

Then in the evening we went to the 'Kino' which is the what we call the movie theatre. Helen and I saw Shrek 3 in german haha. It was cool because I had already seen it in English so I was able to follow along, and even laugh in some parts.

Today Helen and I had a very busy day. This morning we climbed a mountain near her house. It wasn't a huge mountain, maybe 25 minutes to climb. But the view was very spectacular. After that we made our way to a castle. My first castle in germany!! It was töll. I loved it. We then made our way to Tübingen, another small town near Helen's parents place and walked around there. There was a cool circus that some young people had put on. Very good actually. Tonight we are having a BBQ with some of Helen's friends and tomorrow is Arthurs party. So... I'll write more later, I really should get going :)

Love to all who read my blog. Miss you!


hillschurch said...

It sounds like you're having so much fun - and your German is improving! Please say hello to everyone there - especially Helen and Angela (and of course Gabi and Henry). Thanks for the call! Miss you and love you - Dad

Diane Livingston said...

Guten tag Kirstyn,

Thanks for keeping up your blogs - we've been following along your travels. Your experiences and excitement remind me so much of our recent trip to Europe... that it makes me excited all over again.

Enjoy "taking it all in" :)


--kathleen... said...

that's awesome kirstyn! sounds like such a neat experience! haha and you saw shrek 3 in german? that's amazing. i love hearing about your travels. sorry i'm a bit behind on reading this!