Friday, July 20, 2007

My last day with the kids

So, today was my last day in the Kindergarten. It's really been a good experience, and they all helped me with my german a ton. The kids and Gabi put together a little going away obstacle course for me today. The blindfolded me, and brought me into the little gym they have in the kindergarten. When I walked in all the kids were singing a song that they had learned for Sommerfest (the end of year celebration they had last Saturday). Then after they had finished singing, Dominic (one of the little boys) took me by the hand and started leading me through the room telling me to lean down every once and a while and feel a 'present' that was on the ground. There were about 5 different little presents that I got for going away. Every time I would reach a new one I had to feel it and then guess what it was. The last gift was a photo album. The first page had a picture of all of us that Gabi had taken in the woods. After that the book contains little drawings and pictures that all the kids made for me that day. I few of them have airplanes, and me. It was really nice. I'm going to miss those kids.

Anyways that's all for now


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