Monday, July 02, 2007

New Things.

New Language, New people, New time, New place, New food, New culture, New sights, New feelings, New experiences. That's what Germany has been for me this past week.

This trip is significant. I can already feel it. I feel like I want to try, and see, and do as many new things as possible. I want to have the time of my life. Is Germany going to live up to that expectation? You bet.

Today was a Monday which means going back to the Kindergarten. The Kindergarten really isnt anything all that spectacular, but I love it. And I'm starting to love the kids too. Everyday there is a time in the day where we take the kids outside for a while. Today I caught grasshoppers with all the little boys. Leon caught a HUGE one, and then put it under a bucket as a temporary home, but that didn't last long because someone told him that grasshoppers need sunshine lol. Another little boy at the kindergarten is Mike. He is the cutest little thing since ever, and he has this little blonde faux hawk. He's very shy, and quiet. Leon asked me where I lived today (in Germany), and then he continued to tell me his phone number. Drei, Drei Drei, Fier... I don't remember any more. lol. It was so cute. But I told him that I wouldnt remember. Leon is the only boy at the kindergarten that does not get frustrated when I don't understand. Most of the other kids will just walk away or go on with playing if I don't understand, he'll say what he wants too a million different ways until I know what he said.

One thing I've noticed in Deutschland is that blue eyes are everywhere. Blue eyes like you've never seen before. Granted, you can find blue eyes in Canada, quite easily you might think. But nothing like in Germany. So blue that it feels like they see right through you, penetrating you soul. Blue like the sky on the nicest summer day. Blue like a tropical sea. And you see them everywhere. Beautiful blue eyes.

Gabi took me for a walk in the vineyards up in another little villiage about 15 minutes from Fischingen today. It was very beautiful. Then we went and ate at a restaurant. I had this french dish. It was this thin crust bread with cheese and little pieces of meat on it. Very salty, but pretty good. There's another thing that was new today.

The weather has changed a million times today. This morning it was raining, and then it was cloudy, then sunny, then raining, then windy, then cloudy, and finally as I look outside my window the sun is shining down. If you are reading this blog right now, please pray for good weather. It's been cold and rainy a lot lately, so please pray for sunshine. Tell God to give me some summer weather ja? He seems to be listening because I asked for sunshine today and I got some.

Anyways, I think that is enough for now. I miss everyone very much. Know that you are loved.

Alles Klar, Kirstyn

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--kathleen... said...

sounds awesome kirstyn. and God is and will continue to do amazing things with you this trip.