Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All of the red dots on my 'People visiting my blog' map are multiplying like crazy. Granted most of them are family members that are reading this little journal of mine, but it still makes me special! So keep reading, and keep commenting.

The kindergarten was tiring today haha, but still good. Gabi tells me that on the days I stay home, the little guys ask where I was. So cute. Today we went to this Dinosaur park outside. It was raining, again, but whatever. I've gotten used to it. The strange thing about the dinosaur park was the fact that I only saw one fake dinosaur, no others, just flowers and trees and grass and ducks in a pond. It was quite confusing, almost seemed like a contradiction. Thankfully, we didn't pay to get in.

There is one girl in the group that I help Gabi with named Lisa. She has this little school girl crush on this other little boy named Marcel. It's so cute because Marcel tries to avoid Lisa like she is the plague, but Lisa is bigger than Marcel, and I would not be surprised if she was stronger too so that doesn't work out so good. At the end of the day today Lisa was hanging around Marcel again by the stairs and then I heard it. The question. 'Bist Du mein Freund Marcel?' haha, which translated into English is pretty much asking him if they were a couple. Marcel then proceeded to yell 'Nein!' and run down the stairs. It was cute.

Well, that's all for now.


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hillschurch said...

You're getting more visitors every day than I am!
Love Dad