Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have no idea where this is going....

I'm writing a song......


And once more all I have is a chorus. I'd share that chorus with you. But this song is being put under house arrest until I figure out whether or not it falls under the "too-personal-to-share- with-you" category. Unless of course you're in group 1 (going back to the previous post) then you'll most likely hear it.... eventually..... never before it's finished

But I'm getting majorly off topic here.


Anyways, The chorus expresses exactly how I feel. But it almost seems as though the chorus by itself pretty much states every idea I wanted to get across at that specific time of composing. I have no idea what I want to say anymore, or where I want to go with the song. I have so many ideas, but none of them fit right. I know it will come eventually. It always seems to. That's how it was with "All for Love"

I need to figure out what I want to say before I can write it...................

Wow, I'm boring myself.


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