Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Highlighters Five Bucks and Vienna: My scattered thoughts of the night.

I've discovered that I love using highlighters. I think I may be addicted to using them while studying. It's like I'm reviewing my notes and I see a headline or a definition, and automatically out comes my bright yellow pocket accent highlighter and bam! headline is highlighted.

Without that extra colour of yellow on my study notes its as if the words jumble together and I can't make sense of anything.

On another note:

I found five bucks today. That's fun.


Have any of you heard of the song "Vienna" by the Fray? I love it. But to this day, I'm still trying to figure out what it means. I've come up with so many different interpretations of it. What are your thoughts?

On another another note:

Vienna makes me think of Austria.
Austria makes me think of Europe.
makes me think of my time in Germany.
Which makes me think of Gabi and Henry.
Which makes me think of Bjoern, Dennis, Helen, and the cousins.
Which makes me miss Germany a lot.
Especially during Christmas time.
It makes me want to cry sometimes.

It makes me think What are you doing for Christmas? Do you miss me too?

I want to be there with you.



Jonathan said...

oh i love the fray.. and that song.

wish i could tell you what i thought it meant, but nothing specific is coming to mind.

i definitely have a thing bands that make use of a piano. .

donna said...

oo i would love to go to vienna