Thursday, December 06, 2007

Collosians 3:4 (The Message)

I had two really interesting discussions with two very different people today. The discussions were completely opposite, but both of them had an impact on my day.

The first discussion I must say was a direct blessing from Jesus for me today. I've been sharing with you that sometimes I find it really hard to live with passion and intensity at my school. And today I had an amazing talk with someone who understood where I was coming from. A lot of times It feels as though I'm completely alone, and I have to hold on tightly to what I believe, less it be swept away. But her and I encouraged one another to continue living boldly. I think Jesus gives us lifelines like this sometimes as a way of saying, "Hey look, I've placed you here for a reason. I'm still here working in your life, and I'm working in other lives too. "

The second discussion made me feel that I was just completely misunderstood all over again. It's difficult when you come across two Christians with two different viewpoints that both believe they are right. What do you do with that? It's so hard to hold onto what you believe to be true when 1. That person believes something else is the truth, and 2. they don't understand you. I can't really give specifics about the discussion, but I must say this. I think that someone must first understand the power and reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives before they can understand the spiritual warfare that goes on in our world, and its effect on us. No one person can make somebody else understand the Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can make us understand Him. Therefore I feel very stuck with this discussion. I really don't know why God's placed me in this situation yet.


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donna said...

hm. you are so interesting. though i would rather talk with you than comment.

i am soo glad to hear thoughts like yours. i wish i was like you when i was in TD