Thursday, December 27, 2007

There are people in everyone's life
that try and get you to talk with them
about stuff that's going on in your life.

These people can further be broken down into two groups:

Group #1

Those you go on to share that stuff with. (You know who you are. Thanks so much)

Group #2

Those you don't.

Plain and simple. Right?

I guess the difficulty comes in when you get people in Group #2
who think they are in Group #1.



Jarred.D. said...

Yes that is awkward.

Anonymous said...

i kinda find that maybe i'm taking people out of group one and putting them into group 2 . Thats prob not generally a good thing....hmmm.... some people dont belong in group 1...

(kirstyn) said...

I'd say most people don't belong in group 1. And you're right. If you're taking people out of group 1 that means that they've probably broken your trust.