Wednesday, November 28, 2007


lack of understanding lack of communication
lack of a desire for expanding education
lack of inspiration lack of innovation

the fact you can't respect another mans creation

lack of motiviation lack of restoration

the fact we lack unity and enjoy separation

lack of destination because you know what I feel

I feel that humans lack the ability to be real

-John Reuban


Jonathan said...

whos john reuban.. wait. i'll look him up.

being real is one of the greatest things. i struggle with that daily.
i really can't stand -- ugh whats the word. the whole 'how are you? i'm good. how are you?' conversation.
something that just seems so shallow yet i do so much of.

(kirstyn) said...

Yea I know exactly what you mean. I hate that conversation to the extent that I've actually been trying to be aware of what i'm saying. And Instead of saying "Fine" I've actually been thinking of something substantial and intelligent to say. Yea, I really like John Reuban's lyrics. He's real in a way that just gets straight to the point. He knows God, he knows God's truth, and then he's not afraid to say it. It's great. I try so hard to be real for people, but sometimes it's really hard.