Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grade 2 Theory is SO incredibly frustrating. I finished my Gr. 8 royal conservatory practical exam last June and scored an 82% which I was really happy with, but now I am stuck here doing Theory; figuring out how many Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented or Perfect intervals fit into any number of Major, Minor, Natural or Harmonic scales. It's brutal. My mom was my piano teacher for just over 10 years, and she is also currently teaching me the theory that I am so incredibly fed-up with at the moment. We had to go over the same lesson like 4 times, because I didn't understand it. Generally I find Theory pretty easy to comprehend, but this specific section I just could not figure out. I just finished the lesson with my mom, and thankfully I don't have to worry about theory again until next Wednesday. I don't actually mind it that much, but I feel like ranting a bit, so let me be. (Just in case you read this mom, I am thankful for all you do to teach me piano and theory, this is nothing against you).

I think I'm due for a good cry sometime soon. This may sound strange to you, but people gotta cry every once in a while. I'm convinced that its a healthy thing to do.
Anyways, enough of me boring you out of your minds.



Jonathan said...

you people and your theory..

i can acknowledge that its probably frustrating. . and hard at times.

but i'm still envious.

(kirstyn) said...

I'd say go for it then :) (But don't say we didn't warn you.. haha)