Monday, September 17, 2007

Maybe it's just me, but I find it incredibly hard to believe something when I don't know the reason for believing it. When a student doesn't understand something in school, does that student just sit there mindlessly and accept what's being taught without questioning it? No, the student is going to say "Sir, Maam, I don't understand that! Please explain it to me."

I think that this should also be the case when it comes to faith. How can one believe in God and not know why they believe in God? How can one follow rules without knowing why those rules are kept, and what the reasoning behind it is?

I think its natural, and in fact essential for everybody to question what they believe at one point in time. By this, I do not mean at all that one should turn their back on what they believe, but there comes a time in everybody's life where they have to own their faith and their beliefs. No longer is it the parent's or friend's responsibility, no it is the sole responsibility of yourself to believe what you believe.

Sometimes I feel like we're brainwashed in the church to do things a certain way, and follow certain rules that nobody knows the meaning of. Sure rules are good, but only if you know the sole purpose of them. And if you don't know the purpose of them, then question, ask, but don't just stand by and accept it.

It must get awfully boring having a faith that isn't personal, and tangible. God longs to have personal relationship with us. One shouldn't follow rules simply because "that's the way its always been done" but because it brings us closer to God.

Following mindless rules without knowing the reasoning behind them is NOT the point of FAITH. Sometimes rules change.

God wants real relationship with you. Remember that first. For that is the real point.

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