Thursday, September 06, 2007

I wasn't going to post anything today, but I checked out my "People visiting my blog" map and found another red dot had appeared on it. So it encouraged me.

Today at School felt like I was finally get the hang of things again. Sure, I miss the summer, but life goes on. I made a promise to myself after Germany to enjoy life day by day. I find that if you don't, then you end up missing out on other cool experiences that come across your path because you're too busy wishing to be in another place at another time.

Anyways, today was a good day. I got a long, good, sleep last night. I understood the lesson in Gr. 11 U math. I made scones to accompany the jam that my good friend brought me from her vacation in England, and I finished reading a good book. Now, some of you may not think that that is anything spectacular, but I'd classify it as a good day.

Gr. 11. It's crazy that I'm already in Gr. 11 because I can still remember my first day of Gr. 9. Getting on the Bus, and thinking I was so cool. To think that I'm a Senior student already (Sophomore if you're reading from the states), is just crazy. Time goes so fast.

I've figured out that this year will be a good year if I want it to be. People don't realize that attitude and being positive has SO much to do with how your day turns out. Honestly it does. Let's see what God's gonna do in my life this year.


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