Sunday, March 01, 2009

Anyone and absolutely everyone is invited!
Check out the facebook group "Kirstyn Krause's CD Release Concert."
There will be a live band playing with me on the night of, along with one of my great friends opening the concert with a few songs.
CD's will be on sale for $15 before and after the concert.
If you can't make it to the concert but still want to buy a CD you can email:
It's going to be a great night.


kathleen said...

I would loveeeee to be there actually but I have an exam that night at that time. So it's a no go for sure!
But I really would love to hear the new stuff so I'll definitely buy a CD! Keep one on hold for me and I'll try to find a way to get you the money!

(kirstyn) said...

That's too bad Kath! But good luck on your exam. And they will definitely be enough CD's for you to buy one.

We'll figure it out :)