Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful people

I'm back from Honduras.
I find that when you get back home after one of these trips, the whole experience seems so far away. Like it never happened, or like it happened to someone else.

But I know it happened to me, because my heart is invested into it. I can still remember the way I felt, and what I was going through on a day to day basis.
I can't compare the trip to anything else that I've experienced. It was it's own thing.

It stretched me, and pulled me in a lot of different directions. But it was completely worth it.

A little laughter.
A few tears.
A budding romance.
Some tiny fears.

An outlook opened.
Compassion from the heart.
Work completed.
Right from the start.

But this is part of the journey. The journey of discovering myself and discovering the world around me. And I've realized even more that love breaks barriers down. It doesn't distinguish between language, culture, or religion. But it brings you closer together with people you never even knew existed.
All I know is that I am incredibly blessed. I can't forget that. Because I'm slightly embarrassed at all the things that I have.


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