Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's coming. Quickly. Too Quickly? Not sure.

So, I officially accepted the offer from Glendon College. I am a student at York, technically. Or will be in the fall.

But, I can't really picture myself yet without the nook, without drama, without the friends that I sit with at lunch.
I can't picture myself without computers lining the hallways, without the 26 minute lunches, without any of that stuff that makes TDCH my high school.

I think when it comes I'll be ready. I'll be ready to move on. But, I just can't wrap my mind around the idea that in 3 more months I'll be out of here.

Miss the most? The teachers. My friends. (Aren't they one and the same after all?)
Won't miss the most? School bus rides, 26 minute lunches.

Sometimes I psych myself out by thinking that I'm in Gr. 12. The way I see myself as a senior, is SO different than how I pictured the Gr. 12's from previous years.



Kamela said...

congrats on that. are you living in residence?

(kirstyn) said...