Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's nothing better than coming home and changing into comfortable clothes. Red plaid pajama pants are my best friend.

Do you ever dream a dream that you end up thinking about that entire day. Definitely happened to me today.

Can someone please tell my why American Idol was not on last night? It just wasn't on! And yesterday was a Tuesday.

Casting for this year's upper-level play in drama was SO much less epic than last year. I'm quite happy with my role though.

I'm officially at one the most exciting times in my life thus far.

I thought I had something intelligent to say in this post. I guess I really don't.



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Kamela said...

1. I am the same way, with wearing pj pants or sweat pants as soon as i get home, BUT I've begun to wear leggings all the time instead of pants, and then theres no need to put on pjs when i get home cause im ALWAYS comfortable. so i dont have to. cool eh.

2.have you heard of/watched the video clips of paul potts? he's a guy on this similar tv show to american idol but in britian, called britians got talent... and hes a cell phone sales man but has a secret talent of singing really good opera. anyways. if you like american idol, you would probably like that. youtube it.