Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What if we weren't poetic at all?
Can I call myself fluent in English if I probably don't even use or know the meaning of at least half of the words?
Can I really deny a walk with a good friend on a blue sky spring day?
What would it be like if I didn't justify myself after doing something wrong? Wasn't that what Jesus was did? Not that I want to be "like" Jesus. I want him to live in me. Our relationship is not set on responsibility but the ability to respond*. It's dynamic; living.

What if I'm so done with being busy?

We've been conditioned to reject passion.
Don't be radical about anything they tell us.
Jesus was the most radical person ever.
Political correctness really bothers me. So does money, and constant advertisements.
My brother says that last one is just a stage though.

* Read The Shack


Kamela said...

you're reading the shack right now?? so am i! i never caught that part of the book... the 'ability to respond' part that you just wrote about. cool.

we should talk. the book is incredibly good.. and it would be cool to hear some one elses opinion on it!

(kirstyn) said...

I just finished it actually :)

And yes, we should talk. I really enjoyed it.