Sunday, May 25, 2008

Someone subtly told me that people with great talent also have great responsibility. It ticked me off. The compliment turned into expectation.

The show was a thrill.
It's over now.
That's the thing with the theater,
you put so much work into it and then it ends so quickly.

Was it worth it you ask?

I don't think anything is worth doing unless you give it you're all.
How then will you ever discover your potential?

It's hard to say no to someone you respect so much.
It's easy for someone you don't like.
It's important to take care of your heart.


It's hard that its done.
But I'm ok with change.
Life goes on.
Good things go, good things come.
It's about enjoying every minute, reveling in it, and then when its over, it's over.

1 comment:

Jarred.D. said...

So sad I missed it!
I heard from Jared that you act wonderfully!
And your blogs are so mature beyond your years!