Sunday, May 18, 2008

My heart is burning with passion

Maybe it's just me, but generally I like to believe that it's not.

We all have times during our lives where God is trying to teach us something. Where He's trying to speak to us, stretch us, and make us more into the daughter or son that He wants us to be.

I'm DEFINATELY in one of those phases.

I just have no idea where He's going to take me yet. Which is generally the story of faith.


I don't understand unconditional love. I believe in it. I know that Jesus loves me unconditionally. It's a beautiful thing. But I can't comprehend it.

When I first got cast as Nina in 'The Seagull' I felt like I had nothing in common with her. It felt like Her and I were completely different in every way. Which was an exciting challenge.

Now, after taking on that challenge I am seeing that Her and I are incredibly similar.
It took me a while to realize, but The Seagull is all about this unconditional love that I am trying so hard to understand. I see Jesus written all over the show. I'm 'jumping-out-of-my- seat' excited to perform it.



Madeleine said...

you are doing an incredible job! it was really fantastic to watch you yesterday and i'm looking forward to tonight! i think the similarity between you and nina seems to be this purity of heart - even in the last act after she sees how bitter life can get, i think that the purity is still there. incidentally i think that is what trigorin(?) likes in her. yes, spiffing job!

--kathleen... said...

you were SOOO good. :).

i still can't get over how good the play was.