Saturday, May 10, 2008

How do they do it?

How do they sign their life away at 19 with a diamond ring?
How do they date someone after knowing them for just 2 weeks?
How can they possibly know who they are yet?
How can they put themselves in a box?
It's beyond me.

To think that people get married at 19 is crazy for me to think about.
Probably because at 19 I still won't have had a serious relationship.
I guess there are always exceptions to the rule.
But still.

p.s. I can check Theory: Gr. 2 Rudiments off the list. But I still don't know what 'poca a poca stringendo' means.


Jonathan said...

heh i thinking 'signing your life away' is a little harsh :P

the other things are pretty valid.
but just because its crazy for you to think about doesn't mean it is for someone else. everyone has a different situation right, and you may not know theres. but i think you kina got that with the 'exceptions to the rule bit' so i'm really just more tlaking to myself here.. ;P

Anonymous said...

"Poco a poca stringendo" means
"Accelerate the tempo little by little"
Your Theory Teacher and Mom

rachel said...

i once dated a guy after only knowing him for a week ;)
we actually lasted a while, too.
but yeah, haven't done that again.