Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yea, soo I guess I just stop thinking...about you.

I write a lot of things down in this box - with the full intent of publishing it.

Most of it gets saved into a draft though, because I don't really want the whole world reading my deepest thoughts, and cares, and hopes, and loves.

Because diary blogs are overrated anyways.

But then, it ends up that I don't post a lot anymore.
Because anything I write ends up being closer to the diary entry prototype rather than just the everyday blog one.
However, the drafts generally get translated, by me, into a sentence - which I end up using to title these mundane blog posts such as celui-ci (this one).

Whatever, I guess we'll just chalk to up to "teenage angst".


1 comment:

Donna said...

nice. it's okay if you leave some as drafts. I think all that matters to me is if I am getting something out of my head, doesn't matter whether people read it or not. no one needs to see everything. but sometimes it's nice to.